10 Stops Everyone Must Make Along The Virginia Oyster Trail

If you’re an oyster fan and you live in Virginia, you’re one lucky individual. And chances are you’ve heard about the Oyster Trail. This trail allows visitors to enjoy and appreciate oysters from seven different regions of the state. With so many varieties, it’s no wonder that Virginia is considered to be “The Oyster Capital of the East Coast.” Our state is actually the third largest seafood producer in the entire country. The Virginia Oyster Trail is not necessarily a designated route but a grouping of all things oyster-related: restaurants, art venues, lodging, and agri-artisans (including vineyards, breweries, and markets). We’ve gone ahead and selected a few must-see sites from the trail that you’ll love. Who know the world of oysters could have so many things to see, try, and experience?

With sites as charming, entertaining, and fascinating as these, you can appreciate the Virginia Oyster Trail even if you don’t actually love eating oysters. (But after visiting some of these stops, you might just change your mind.) What are your favorite places for delicious oysters in Virginia?