This Northern Lights Themed Tube Park Is The Winter Adventure In Virginia You Didn’t Know You Needed

While it may not be probable that you’ll spot the northern lights here in Virginia, there’s a new winter attraction that promises to be just as enchanting. Head to Massanutten Resort for an evening like no other. Their famous snow tube park is now open in the evening and will feature neon lights and energizing music to accompany the exhilarating runs down the slope. You’ll feel as though you’ve been whisked away on a true Nordic adventure.

Massanutten Resort is located at 1822 Resort Dr., Massanutten VA.

What are your thoughts on this colorful wintertime activity? Would you try the Massanutten Resorts Northern Lights Tubing? Be sure to share your thoughts with us! For related content, be sure to check out Virginia’s Naturally Heated Outdoor Pool.