This Breathtaking Field Of Wildflowers In Virginia Looks Like Something From A Dream

There are few things more magical than a field of wildflowers. Here in Virginia, wildflower season is drawing near and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about these colorful blooms. While you may notice stunning wildflowers on a hike or in a hidden forest, there’s one wildflower attraction that’s easy to access. Tucked away inside the Norfolk Botanical Garden awaits the Four Seasons Garden and Wildflower Meadow. Take a look at this stunning array of flowers that looks like something from a dream:

For a glimpse into the magical wildflower meadow, watch the brief video below:

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is located at 6700 Azalea Garden Rd, Norfolk, VA 23518. For more information about the Four Season Garden and Wildflower Meadow, click here.