A Little Known Natural Oasis Is Hiding In Virginia And Devil’s Bathtub Is Worth A Visit

Virginia is the home of all things beautiful: mountain ranges, oceans, rivers, and of course, the people. One of the most exciting things about living in Virginia is the discovery of natural treasures. These little gems never cease to take our breath away. One such treasure is hiding in Fort Blackmore, Virginia. It’s a natural oasis, swimming hole, and the perfect spot for a little picnic (and believe us, you can work up quite an appetite getting there). Scrolling through these pictures will show you that in spite of its name, Devil’s Bathtub in Virginia is nothing short of heavenly.

Please note that Devil’s Bathtub is a popular hiking destination in Virginia. Therefore, you might try visiting on a weekday when the trail is less crowded. It’s also critical that visitors leave no trace when they visit. This will ensure that we can preserve this natural gem for future generations. 

Watch the brief video below, courtesy of YouTuber Wendell Dingus, to see the brilliant blue of the water at Devil’s Bathtub in Virginia:

Many consider Devil’s Bathtub to be one of the most beautiful spots in the entire state. With its beautiful waters and enchanting nearby forest, it’s hard to argue otherwise. Doesn’t this swimming spot look simply magical? If you’ve had the chance to visit Devil’s Bathtub in Virginia, please share your experience with us!

Address: Devil's Bathtub, Devils Fork Loop Trail, Duffield, VA 24244, USA

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Devil's Bathtub In Virginia

May 19, 2020

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Where can I hike to a cave in Virginia?

Many people are surprised to learn that Virginia has an abundance of unique natural attractions in addition to the mountains, rivers, and ocean. Head to the border of Kentucky and Virginia and you’ll find a massive sand cave tucked away inside Cumberland Gap National Park. The White Rocks Overlook and Sand Cave Hike is a 9-mile adventure that promises spectacular scenery. The cave itself is a giant sandstone rock that has been eroded by years of water and wind. You can learn more about how to hike to a cave in Virginia by clicking here.

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Devil’s Bathtub in Virginia technically qualifies as a waterfall hike, but if you’re looking for more epic falls, there’s a host of other trails to try. Crabtree Falls is perhaps the most famous of Virginia’s waterfall hikes. The series of cascades is the tallest you’ll find East of the Mississippi River, and you can hike alongside them to a dazzling overlook. Doyles River Falls along the Appalachian Trail is another obvious choice for waterfall and hiking enthusiasts. This trail offers not just one but two impressive waterfalls. For more information about the best waterfall hikes in Virginia, click here.

Address: Devil's Bathtub, Devils Fork Loop Trail, Duffield, VA 24244, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.