10 Amazing Movies You May Not Have Known Were Filmed In Virginia

There’s nothing quite like sitting in a movie theater, popcorn in hand, and suddenly realizing that, hey, you know that place. Even if it’s a well-known site like Dulles Airport or an historical building in Richmond, just to know that you’ve likely walked those same halls or stood on the same steps, is a pretty amazing feeling. But, then again, thanks to the brilliance of Hollywood, there are times when those oh-so-familiar stomping grounds can take on an all-new look.

Here are just 10 of the many Hollywood chart toppers that have been filmed in Virginia. How many do you recognize?

Virginia may not be Hollywood, but we’re getting our fair share screen credits all the same. Places like Langley, the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery and other key political and military locations in Northern Virginia are an obvious choice for filming action movies about political intrigue. The Pelican Brief, Clear and Present Danger and Argo are just a few that have shot scenes in Northern Virginia. In Richmond, My Dinner with Andre and The Contender found perfect locations. With its incredibly preserved historic sites, not to mention better traffic and cost of living, Richmond is a perfect stand-in for Washington, D.C. and one of the best sites for period films. As for the rest of Virginia, with so much pristine nature, beautiful rural settings and quaint small towns, it’s no wonder movies get made here.

Have you had any movies filmed in your town or city? Better yet, have you or anyone you know had the chance to be part of one as a volunteer or extra? Tell us about your experience. We would love to know

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