These 12 Railroad Towns In Virginia Are Unbelievably Charming And You’ll Want To Visit

Railroads may seem like an out-of-date mode of transportation, but they are still a prominent form of travel and trade. And they’re especially important to the identity of some of Virginia’s most historic towns, some of which developed according to railway stops. Today, these towns not only make for a fascinating lesson in Virginia’s railway systems, but also an unbelievably charming visit. Here are some stops you’ll want to make:

Because Virginia has such an extensive railroad history, there are quite a few towns that missed the list. But these should provide a glimpse into the fascinating development of some of the state’s most beloved towns. Which are some of your favorite railroad stops in Virginia? We’d love to hear from you! If you love Virginia’s railways, be sure to check out this Fall Foliage Train Ride Through Virginia.