A Trip To This Little Known Ancient Ruin In Virginia Is Truly One In A Million

The term “ancient” may be relative, yet what remains at the old Midlothian Mines can only be described as ruins. Tucked away in the woods just outside of Richmond, you’ll find a fascinating park that will take you deep into Virginia’s mining history. It all began in the 1730s, when Virginia began the first commercial coal operations in the United States at this very location. Coal from this source was used to make ammunition for the Revolutionary War and efforts of the Civil War. Walking among this ruins, you won’t help but feel the immensity of this extensive, and at times troubling, history.

Midlothian Mines Park is located at 13301 N. Woolridge Rd., Midlothian, VA 23114. Curious to see more relics around Virginia? Be sure to check out These 6 Trails That Lead You To Extraordinary Ancient Ruins In Virginia.