Spend The Night At This Civil War-Era Inn That’s So Perfectly Virginia

You don’t have to work hard to find traces of history here in Virginia. Even so, the opportunity to experience history is something we as Virginians have something of a weakness for. That’s especially true when it comes to unique accommodations and restaurants. Today, we’ll highlight a charming inn that dates back to the Civil War. Spend the night here and you’ll be in for authentic decor, a taste of the past, and a relaxing night away. Here’s more on the Inn at Evergreen:

The Inn at Evergreen is located at 15890 Berkeley Drive, Haymarket VA 20169. For more information on this historic accommodation, be sure to visit the official website here. Can’t get enough of Virginia’s historic landmarks? You’ll also love reading about This Virginia Restaurant That’s Located Inside A Historic 18th-Century Manor House.