If You’re Sick, These 19 Hospitals In Virginia Are The Best In The State

Virginia is known for its healthcare. I mean, really, even national articles have mentioned Virginia’s healthcare as a reason why we are more likely to survive the Zombie Apocalypse than many other states – as we mentioned earlier this week. But truly, all jokes aside, we are fortunate here in Virginia to have nearly 130 hospitals throughout the state. Best of all, we have access to world class healthcare in even the most unexpected places.

US News recently released their rankings of the top Virginia hospitals. Not only does Virginia have 4 nationally ranked hospitals, we have another 15 that are regionally ranked for their superior performance. Here are onces that came out on top…

While we certainly hope you don’t need to use any of these facilities any time soon, it is nice to know that they’re there when you need them. Have you ever had any experiences at these or any other Virginia hospitals? If we’ve overlooked any that provide exceptional care, please let us know in the comments below!