You Won’t Believe What This Heroic Dog In Virginia Did To Save His Owners

Heroes come in the most unexpected shapes and sizes – and often from the most unexpected places. When two armed men walked into a screen printing shop in Virginia Beach in April 2009, they were not expecting to be greeted by Rico. Startled, one of the men shot Rico, a one-year pit bull, in the head with a .45-caliber handgun, sending a bullet through his skull just above the left eye. Undeterred, Rico went for the intruders, biting into one man’s arm and holding on long enough for the shop’s employees to make it to safety. Although Rico had never shown aggressive behavior before, he showed that he knew how to act when it mattered. The shop’s owners have no doubt that Rico saved their lives and his owner, Christopher Selby, couldn’t be prouder of Rico’s big heart – or happier for his hard head. Watch the full story here…

Rico isn’t the only heroic canine in Virginia. As recently as 2013, Lefty, a pit bull in Accomack County, Virginia, was also shot when she attacked an intruder who had a shotgun aimed at her owner during a late-night home invasion. Lefty was hit in her should and lost a leg, but undoubtedly saved a life.

I guess it just goes to show you – you never know when a hero is going to appear. Tell us your stories about heroes – pets or otherwise! Comment in the section below.