You’ll Want To Spend More Time In This Historic Crabbing Town In Virginia

It probably comes as no surprise that much of Virginia’s identity is based in the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Centuries of fishing and crabbing have resulted in the development of towns along the coast and Eastern Shore of Virginia. Even when economic times have been difficult, these towns have remained resilient.

Today we’ll highlight one of many such towns that you’ll find in Virginia. Hampton is located at the foot of the Chesapeake Bay and has depended on these waters for generations. Visit today and you’ll not only learn about this fascinating history but also experience it firsthand when you visit some of the local shops and restaurants for world-class seafood.

So whether you’re looking to explore a new part of Virginia or happen to be a huge fan of local seafood, you’ll find your visit to this charming town to be positively delightful. For more information about Hampton, be sure to click here.