25 Rare Photos Taken In Virginia During The Great Depression

The Great Depression began in October 1929 with the largest stock market crash America had ever seen. By 1933, as many as 13 to 15 million Americans were without work and almost half of the nation’s banks had gone under. Fortunately, Virginia fared better than many states thanks to factors like agricultural diversity, limited manufacturing reliance and diverse commerce. Likewise, a large government and military presence in Washington and Norfolk brought in much-needed government funds.

However, in the end, the Great Depression spared no one and the residents of Virginia saw their fair share of hard times. Some of the hardest hit were in rural areas, of which Virginia had many. The following photos show many of those areas, as well as a few of the equally devastated urban areas. Collectively, they remind us of just how much we have to be thankful for today.

These powerful images are poignant reminders of a time that many Virginians still remember, whether for themselves or through the stories of parents and grandparents. And as we head into the holiday season, they certainly drive home the fact that we have much to be grateful for, especially as we recognize that there are many who are still in need, even in Virginia.

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