The Grand Canyon Of The South Is Right Here In Virginia And It’s Breathtaking

If you’re looking for an amazing family-friendly road trip, there is nowhere more breathtakingly beautiful than the Grand Canyon of the South. And guess what? You can save some money on gas and skip the trip to Arizona, because the Grand Canyon of the South is actually right here in Virginia. Many long-time residents of Virginia are not aware that this national treasure exists. Located along the Virginia and Kentucky border, Breaks Interstate Park is one of the most exquisite sites in the state and is sure to make for a memorable visit.

Have you had the opportunity to visit Virginia’s Grand Canyon? Did you know that the Old Dominion was home to the Grand Canyon of the South? If so, please feel free to share your experience at this wondrous place; we’d love to hear from you!

Looking for more beautiful natural areas to explore that rival the Grand Canyon of Virginia? We put together this Natural Wonders Road Trip through Virginia that visits some of the state’s most stunning sites and features, including Luray Caverns, Crabtree Falls, Falling Springs Falls, Natural Bridge, and of course, the Grand Canyon of the South!

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Address: Breaks Interstate Park, 627 Commission Cir, Breaks, VA 24607, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Grand Canyon of the South

April 30, 2022

Why is Breaks Interstate Park known as The Grand Canyon of the South?

Breaks Interstate Park encompasses parts of both Kentucky and Virginia and it's truly a wonder to behold. The park is glorious; it's marked with an abundance of nature, bountiful hills, and sweeping canyons. The centerpiece of "The Breaks" is a five-mile, 1,650-foot-deep gorge that's commonly referred to as the Grand Canyon of the South, and even the Grand Canyon of Virginia. It's a beautiful place to explore, and we're partial to the Breaks Interstate Park Loop Trail, a six miler that traverses some of the best scenery in the Bluegrass!

Is there another Grand Canyon of the South?

The Breaks isn't the only Grand Canyon of the South; the United States is home to some captivating canyons scattered all across the country; these are places of immense beauty and splendor that rivals *the* iconic Arizona canyon. Kentucky, which lays claim to half of Breaks Interstate Park, is home to the resplendent Red River Gorge. Dubbed The Grand Canyon of Kentucky, Red River Gorge is a canyon system along the Red River in the eastern part of the state. A magical place any time of the year, Red River Gorge offers some of the very best outdoor recreation in the country. While the hiking is unrivaled in this park (there are 60 miles of mapped hiking trails in various spots throughout the Gorge), those with limited mobility or who wish to explore the scenery in a more leisurely manner can take the Red River Gorge Scenic Byway, a 46-mile route with some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in the country.