Here Are The 10 Coolest Small Towns In Virginia You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

It’s often true that the more obscure or less known something is, the cooler it becomes. That principle applies well to these 10 small towns, which because of their populations seem very underrated.

For most of us, these towns might only sound familiar if we’ve driven by them en route to somewhere else on the map. But with so much history and pristine beauty, it’d actually be a mistake to miss out on stopping by these tiny towns. Small towns in Virginia are a reminder of what we love most even about the bigger cities: the food, culture, and friendliness. What’s so wonderful about our state is you’ll find these characteristics everywhere from the least-populous towns to the most-populous cities. Here are some particularly cool small towns you’ll want to check out on your next road trip.

Whether it’s a town of 100 or 10,000, some places in Virginia just have that wonderful feeling of being part of a small community. Have you visited any of these spots recently? Which other towns in Virginia have a similar dynamic? Be sure to share your thoughts with us!