The Boat Tour You Can Only Take In Virginia Will Bring Out Your Inner Adventurer

One of the best parts about living in Virginia is the opportunity to experience all kinds of adventures, from rugged mountain hikes to historic walks and just about everything in between. Today’s feature activity is one that relatively few know about, but almost everyone who experiences it agrees that it’s a must: Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise. Operating from Norfolk, this fascinating boat tour will showcase the world’s largest naval base from a truly unforgettable perspective. Here’s more on this boat tour in Virginia that belongs at the top of your bucket list.

What are your thoughts on the Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise? Is this a boat tour in Virginia that you’d sign up for? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below — we’d love to hear from you! For more information, including rates and reservations, be sure to check out Victory Rover Naval Base Cruises online.

Address: Fleet, Norfolk, VA 23511, USA