The Incredible Spring-Fed Pool In Virginia You Absolutely Need To Visit

Swimming pools and summertime go hand-in-hard. When the temperature rises, there’s no better way to cool off than a quick dip. But did you realize there’s a naturally spring-fed swimming pool in the heart of the state? The pool at the Blue Ridge Swim Club is a little piece of paradise that you’ll want to learn more about before those hot days of summer hit. Here’s more on the history of the pool, the private swim club, and resources to learn more about its membership:

Memberships to the Blue Ridge Swim Club are available for $60 per summer (no fee for swimmers 18 years of age or younger). Due to the small nature of the area, these memberships are somewhat limited. For more information on registration or visiting the pool for an open house weekend, click here. If you enjoyed reading about this spring-fed pool, you’ll also want to check out these 11 Must-Visit Swimming Holes In Virginia.