Climb 183 Steps To The Top Of Birch Knob Tower In Virginia And You Can See All The Way To Ohio

It’s not every day that you can enjoy a view of six states at once. But that’s the allure of Birch Knob Observation Tower, a beautiful landmark in Virginia where those who are brave enough to climb 183 steps will get the view of a lifetime. Located in Dickenson County, the observation tower is open between April 1st and January 1st. Here’s more on why you just might consider climbing nearly 200 steps on what’s bound to be an unforgettable adventure.

No matter what motivates you to climb this iconic landmark, you’ll feel like a true pioneer once you arrive to the top. Have you experienced the view from the top of Birch Knob Observation Tower in Virginia? If so, be sure to share your adventure with us in the comments below! For more information about the observation tower and its history, you can visit the website by clicking here.

Address: Birch Knob Dr, Clintwood, VA 24228, USA