15 Things People In Virginia Did Before The Internet Took Over Our Lives

I love technology like the internet and cell phones, I really do. But I’ve been a little nostalgic lately. Maybe it’s because the holidays are so rapidly approaching and life just seems to be busier and more hectic. Technology is a wonderful thing and has made our lives richer and more convenient in so many ways. But it makes me wonder sometimes – what did we do before everything was online and at our fingertips?

I worry sometimes that we are so busy looking at screens, that we forget to look at the world around us. Although I have to add, based on getting to know many of my readers through comments, posts and emails, I feel that many Virginians do take advantage of the beauty around them on a daily basis. So many of you are adventurers, historians and explorers and I love knowing that you’re all getting out there are taking advantage of our beautiful state.

In the meantime, here are a few of the things I remember doing a lot more often before technology did many of them for me…

How many of these things to you and your family still do? We would love to hear about the things, little or big, that you find have changed thanks to technology – and what things you’ve chosen to keep the same. Let us know in the comments below!