People Swear By The Barbecue From This Unsuspecting Smokehouse In Virginia

Nothing unifies Virginians quite like an appreciation for barbecue. No matter the style you prefer, be it Carolina or Texas, you’ll find enough smokehouses here in the Old Dominion to satisfy all your BBQ cravings. While the title of “best barbecue in Virginia” is truly a matter of opinion, there’s one spot in Gordonsville that’s been consistently rated as one of the very best. And the best part of all? This spot specializes in authentic Virginia style BBQ. The Barbecue Exchange has hundreds of devoted fans, and you might be one of them after visiting this spot.

No matter if you leave near or far, you’ll find that a trip to the Barbecue Exchange is well worth the drive. This delicious smokehouse is located at 102 Martinsburg Ave., Gordonsville, VA 22942. Have you tried this spot before? We’d love to hear about it!

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