Here Are 21 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Virginia

In order to capture all of the fantastic little phrases and linguistic nuances of Virginia, there would need to be a complete website devoted to each distinct region. But since we’re talking about ALL of Virginia here, these are just a few of things we say, from north to south, west to east, that make us oh-so-Virginian. Now I’m not saying that ALL of these things are only said here. I know better than that. But I can promise you one thing, when you’re anywhere other than Virginia and you hear any of these words or phrases, you’ll get a little twinge of homesickness. Better yet, head to the west coast and try throwing these around and see what kind of blank stares you get back. Trust me, I’ve tried.

What I’d really like to know is what is your Virginia dictionary? Tell us about some words and phrases you use that are guaranteed to confuse an out-of-stater!

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