These 16 Houses In Virginia From The 1930s Will Open Your Eyes To A Different Time

The 1930s was a difficult decade for America, and Virginia was no exception. The Great Depression meant extreme economic crises that affected nearly everyone. The market crashed in October of 1929 and 25% of the workforce lost their jobs. Factories shut down, production was halted, homes were foreclosed, and the banking system all but collapsed. Most counties in Virginia had to shorten their school terms to less than eight months. Virginia’s farms were hit particularly hard and the deterioration of buildings and equipment was evident. The following series of photographs offers a window into Virginia during this time, showing both resilience and hardship. Some homes appear on the brink of collapsing, while others remain perfectly intact as though not affected at all. Such was the experience of Virginians during this time.

These photos give us such a unique look into what life was like in Virginia during the Great Depression. While we admire the strength of those who experienced this time, we’re so grateful for the greater stability we have now.