These 17 Unique Day Trips in Virginia Are An Absolute Must-Do

You’ve survived the holidays. You’ve almost made it through March madness. You’ve binge-watched so much Netflix that you’ve decided it’s official – you simply can’t keep up with the Kardashians. So what to do now?

Two words: Day. Trip. Day trips are the best. They’re like a mini-vacation without the stress and expense – and when you get home, you won’t find yourself saying that you need a vacation from your vacation. Virginia has no shortage of opportunities to lose the winter doldrums without losing your sanity. These 17 fun – and accessible – day trips range from educational to thrilling and are a must-do for any Virginian.

No need to wait until summer for a break from the everyday. With so many incredible sights and experiences in this amazing state of ours, a good time is never more than a day away. Get out there and explore some of these options and tell us about your favorites!