These 19 Unbelievable Virginia Sunsets Will Leave You In Awe

Sunset is my favorite color, and rainbow is second.

                                                                   – Mattie Stepanek

Few things in life are better than a sunset. But the real beauty of a sunset isn’t just in the colors, rather in the fact that it doesn’t matter where you are, city or country, coast or mountains, sunset is a magical moment when time stops ever so briefly and you are reminded of just how amazing this world of ours is.

And what better way to end the weekend than with some amazing images of Virginia sunsets? Thanks to the talent and hard work of some incredible photographers, many of whom are Virginians themselves, that magical moment we call sunset has been captured in all of its diversity.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the view….

Sometimes they are fiery red, other times soft pastels. Sometimes the sun hovers and floats on the horizon, other times it drops faster than you can follow. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you have the chance to sit down and watch the sunset like the sky is your own personal movie screen, but other times, it catches you off guard and you can’t look away.  No matter how you see it, the sunset is a moment where you can step outside of reality for just a moment and take in the beauty of nature. And there’s nowhere better to do that than Virginia.

Where is your favorite place to see the sunset? Let us know!