Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some prove themselves on the battlefield, others show their bravery in unexpected moments and still others are heroes in the way they live everyday. Virginia has a long, proud tradition of heroes – starting with the brave men and women who settled Jamestown and managed to make it work where so many others had failed.

That tradition of courage and bravery has long continued here in Virginia. We see it every day in the acts of kind neighbors, brave strangers, military and police, as well as trailblazers and innovators. It takes a lot to be willing to put yourself out there, whether it’s to stand up for someone else, fight for what you believe or risk your own life to save another.

Here are a few heroes whose stories are particularly inspiring – from military giants, literally and figuratively, to trailblazers who set an example we can be proud to follow.

When it comes to military service, there’s simply not enough time or space to adequately praise all of the men and women who have served our country. Fortunately, the Pentagon in Arlington has set aside a space to do just that. Located in the main concourse, the Hall of Heroes honors the nearly 3,500 recipients of the Medal of Honor, the military’s highest distinction of bravery.

I would definitely encourage you to visit this incredible site, as well as the countless other monuments and tributes to our military throughout the state. In the meantime, tell us about some Virginia heroes that have inspired you.

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