These 10 Lighthouses In Virginia Are Simply Stunning

Maybe it’s just me, but when I conjure up the image of a lighthouse, it’s always on a lonely, rocky island. And without a doubt, it’s manned by a crusty old sailor named “Capt’n Jim.” Naturally, he smokes a pipe and drinks too much because his true love died of a fever while he was away at sea chasing his nemesis, a great white whale. But even though I like to butcher both the plot of “Anne’s House of Dreams” and “Moby Dick” in my imagination, the fact remains, lighthouses are romantic icons. But more than that, they have been vital to mariners for hundreds of years. Long before the days of GPS, lighthouses kept sailors on point and beaconed them home. Even today, they serve as navigational aides to thousands of boats and ships off the shores of Virginia.

These 10 lighthouse in Virginia, ranging from storybook to steel, are examples of the stunning beauty and creative architecture that have made lighthouses an essential part of our history.

Unfortunately, many historic lighthouse have been torn down as technology replaces their old-fashioned techniques or beach erosion threatens their stability. But we can be grateful that Virginia, through both public and private efforts, has saved these 10 amazing structures and that we can still enjoy their service and beauty today.

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