Not many things are located close together in Vermont, so needless to say we spent a lot of time in the car as a kid. My brothers and sisters and I played all sorts of car games, but our favorite by far was Punch Buggy. The object of the game is to keep your eyes peeled and try to find a Volkswagon Beetle on the road, and the first person to spot the VW Bug punches another person in the arm and yells “Punch Buggy!”  Well, while researching this article my own kids invented a game similar to Punch Buggy, thankfully without the punches.  The new game is called Witch Window.  Don’t know what a witch window in Vermont is?  Well, I’ll bet you do…

Witch windows in Vermont are the windows you see on old farmhouses that are positioned diagonally, and here’s why Vermonters began calling these tilted windows “Witch Windows.” Enjoy!

Were witches flying into homes on broomsticks such a nuisance that these windows were specially designed to keep them out? Whether witchcraft in Vermont was part of the reasoning behind these windows or not, no one can doubt the interesting element that these stories add to the history of Vermont.  Even if you had heard of a witch window in Vermont, did you know why it’s called that?  Or did this provide some insight into these perplexing diagonal mysteries?  Let us know!

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