The Ultimate Vermont Waterfall Road Trip Is Right Here – And You’ll Want To Do It

You will find some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vermont in this do-able day trip with only 5 hours and 12 minutes total driving time. The scenery along the way is charming and this is all you need for a rewarding and inexpensive road trip. No matter where where you are, there is a delightful rush when you happen upon a waterfall. No two are alike, and they can be different throughout the year, and even year to year. Whether the falls are a hiking destination or a surprise on the side of the road, there are undeniably some magic and compelling things about them.

Actually, there are several very real reasons we love waterfalls … any time there is moving or rushing water, it gives off negative ions – which, ironically, give us all “positive vibes.” It’s one of the reasons a long hot shower makes us feel so good, too. Also, the white noise generated by the sound of the water crashing and flowing that has a soothing affect. Waterfalls please multiple senses at the same time, so your senses of sight, hearing and smell receive simultaneous positive stimulation. The stimulation is so strong, it can push all other thoughts and feelings out of our minds. We are surrounded by beauty in a setting that is either peaceful or powerful, depending on the falls.

I’d be remiss not to add that waterfalls often end in some of the best summer swimming holes in Vermont. Enjoy!

When looking for a rewarding adventure, always remember: waterfalls are generally easier to get to than mountaintops!