17 Strange Food Combinations Only People In Vermont Will Love

The words of the day are:  Maple Syrup.  Here in the Green Mountain State we’ll eat the good stuff on just about anything, and boy does Maple make everything taste better!  What may be considered strange to others is a culinary delight for us.  Sure, everybody loves real, Vermont-made Maple Syrup on their pancakes, but there are so many other sweet and savory dishes that, with a little Maple Syrup, simply melt in your mouth.

We know that everyone in the world would love these combinations, but living in Vermont brings an affinity for anything Maple, so we’re always willing to pair a dish with some syrup to make it even tastier.  From soup to nuts (literally) here are some amazing dishes that will make you want to start Googling recipes to try tonight.  Bon appetite!

What is your favorite dish that’s better with some Vermont Maple syrup?  Let us know in the comments below!