13 Major Differences Between Urban Vermonters And Rural Vermonters

A few weeks back I wrote about 16 things longtime Vermonters wish they could tell newcomers and let’s just say the comments were very interesting. They sparked debates like whether people in Vermont use their car horns or not, etc. and more than a few people speculated “Oh, they must be from (whatever city or town)” and it got me thinking…. What exactly are the differences between urban and rural Vermonters?

It turns out there are quite a few and, before people get angry, I’d to acknowledge that these are general statements intended for a laugh. I live in rural Vermont, but can relate to some city items, and many will find themselves in the same boat both ways. Are there hipsters in rural VT? You bet! Do people in the city DIY? Of course! Did I mention a chainsaw and post a picture of a hedge trimmer in the aforementioned article? Yes, unfortunately, I did. So let’s have a little fun, shall we? Can you add any differences to the list?

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