The Vermont Ghost Town That’s Perfect For An Autumn Day Trip

If you’re in the mood to do some exploring in nature, how about checking out Ricker Basin in Waterbury, Vermont? Founded in the 1800s, Ricker Basin is a historic ghost town that used to be a farming community of about 50 residents in the Green Mountain State. While little of this ghost town remains today, you’ll discover some interesting artifacts. You’ll also see a cemetery and abandoned building when you visit this unique site in Vermont.

Since fall is a colorful time of year to go hiking, it’s also a good time to explore this ghost time in Vermont. To get started on your adventure, you’ll need to head to Little River State Park and hike up the Hedgehog Hill Trail.


Now that you know why you should go explore RIcker Basin in the fall, see what other sites are worth a visit during this season. For ideas of where to go over Ricker’s Basin, check out the most beautiful fall destinations in Vermont.

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