Here are 14 Stunning Sunsets In Vermont That Would Blow Anyone Away

Ok, so we recently showcased sunrises, but who doesn’t love the perfect sunset? In Vermont, it’s usually the perfect sunset every night. We’re spoiled. Here are some photos that will honestly make you question why you’ve ever thought that life just sucked on that bad day…when beauty like this exists in the world. We all love beautiful photos of Vermont, and they can help turn any day into a great one. So, here are the 14 most stunning sunset photos of Vermont:

The natural beauty of Vermont never disappoints! You literally will never run out of ways to capture these magnificent acts of nature. Are you sick of pretty pictures of Vermont yet? I didn’t think so. 😉

Let us know where you think the best places to take sunset photos in Vermont are, below in the comments section.

Address: Vermont, USA
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sunset photos of Vermont

November 03, 2020

Where can I find more of the best photos of Vermont?

If you are looking for more old historic photos of Vermont, offers a great collection of fascinating Vermont photos, where you can find all sorts of old gems, along with other resources. If you are looking for landscape photography of Vermont’s pristine countryside, there are several books and online places to check out as well. The best is to go to a local bookstore and browse around the VT section. We recommend Crow Bookshop in Burlington, which features plenty of local Vermont photographers and writers.

Where are the most beautiful places in Vermont? 

Vermont has so many charming and beautiful places, so this list will try to incorporate places from all over the state, but we cannot do it justice with just one paragraph. So, without ordering the list, here are the most beautiful places in Vermont: Quechee Gorge, Lake Willoughby, the Notch Road through Mt. Mansfield, atop Camel’s Hump, Jay Peak, and Moss Glenn Falls. Happy exploring.

What is the most scenic town in Vermont?

Answering this question is certainly challenging because there are just so many scenic towns in Vermont to choose from. Attempting to answer this question will assuredly lead to disappointing some while gratifying others. But with that being said, here are the five most scenic towns in Vermont: 1. Manchester; 2. Woodstock; 3. Grafton; 4. Stowe; 5. Shelburne. Of course, there are many other scenic and worthy towns to visit. If you are still interested in finding more picturesque towns in Vermont, check out the 17 most picturesque towns in Vermont.

Address: Vermont, USA