Why Everyone In Vermont Should Visit This One Tiny Town

With only 4,300 residents, Stowe is a small town with A LOT to offer! No matter what time of the year, Stowe is bursting at the seams with concerts, activities and lots of fresh air activities to get the blood flowing. Enjoy Stowe for a day or make a weekend out of it; stay in one of the 36 hotels and take your pick from 52 restaurants. There is something for everyone in this tiny town that will leave you wanting more! Here are some of the best reasons why everyone should visit this tiny town in Vermont.

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Address: Stowe, VT 05672, USA

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everyone should visit this tiny town in Vermont

January 28, 2021

What are the best things about living in Vermont?

There are many, many reasons to move to Vermont, and some of the more obvious reasons that come to mind first are access to pristine and nature spots and parks; organic and amazing produce, dairy, and bread; environmentally and socially aware residents; friendly locals and a relaxed and casual way of living life. The Green Mountain State is the perfect place to live if you like the small-town and rural lifestyle, excellent local food, and a healthy, beautiful, and natural landscape.

What are the most scenic towns in Vermont?

There are just so many scenic towns in Vermont to choose from that narrowing it down is quite tough. But with that said, the five most beautiful towns in Vermont are: 1. Manchester; 2. Woodstock; 3. Grafton; 4. Stowe; 5. Shelburne. Of course, there are many other scenic and great towns to visit. If you are still interested in finding more picturesque towns to explore in Vermont, check out the 17 most picturesque towns in Vermont.

What are the best hidden gem restaurants in Vermont?

If you are looking to expand your dining out experience in Vermont, these hidden gem restaurants throughout the state are a great place to start looking. Check out the list here of 11 wonderful and little-known restaurants in Vermont. For a quick summary of the list, restaurants on the list include the Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes, Mad Taco in Waitsfield, Black Krim Tavern in Randolph, and many more. Check out the article for more hidden restaurants, information and opening hours about these ‘under the radar’ restaurants.

Address: Stowe, VT 05672, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.