This 92-Mile Road Trip Leads To Some Of The Most Scenic Parts Of Vermont, No Matter What Time Of Year It Is

Lake Champlain is one of the most scenic destinations in Vermont, and road trip opportunities abound. Plan to drive the Lake Champlain Byway so you can take in various views of Vermont’s largest body of water from different vantage points during your time in the Green Mountain State. While the byway actually starts by the Canadian border and is a total of 184 miles, it’ll take about two and half hours to drive this part of the Lake Champlain Byway. However, since there are many sites to see, plan to spend day (or two) taking your time appreciating this part of New England that’s in the northwest part of Vermont. And regardless of the time of year, you’ll be treated with spectacular views of either foliage, fresh snow, flowers or people having some summer fun!

There are some truly beautiful places in the Green Mountain State, and this scenic road trip in Vermont is one of the best!  After you’ve enjoyed your drive along the Lake Champlain Byway, take a look at 12 Of The Very Best Vermont Road Trips You Can Take for other ideas of where to visit in the Green Mountain State.

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