Take A Scenic Trail To A Vermont Overlook That’s Like The Scene In A Movie

Prospect Rock Trail is one of the most scenic trails in the Green Mountain State thanks to the river, wildflowers, wildlife, and breathtaking views on the path. As you’ll see in the following photos, the setting of this 3-mile hike is stunning in any season. Both the trail and the overlook it leads to might just remind you of something from a movie.

Aside from bringing your hiking gear, remember to bring your camera and imagination when you head to Prospect Rock Trail. And, as long as your furry pal is on a leash, they can join you on your outdoor adventure too! To get started on your epic outing to Prospect Rock Trail and its extraordinary views, set your GPS to Green Mountain Park in Manchester Center, Vermont.


To learn more about Prospect Rock Trail and the views you’ll see from the overlook on this hike, visit AllTrails. If you’re interested in going on more hiking adventures, check out These 10 Hiking Spots In Vermont Are Completely Out Of This World for ideas of where to go next.

Address: Prospect Rock Trail, 663 Rootville Rd, Manchester, VT 05255, USA