These Are The 6 Scariest Bugs That Live In Vermont That You Should Know About

Vermont is not typically considered a terribly dangerous place to live, but we do have our fair share of creepy crawlies. From bugs that can transmit diseases to a few of the most dangerous spiders in the world, here are the worst insects you’re likely to encounter around here. Curious about what kind of bugs in Vermont can be harmful? Check them out:

Do you know of any other dangerous bugs in Vermont? Share and let us know in the comments. Keep exploring for more of the scariest things in Vermont!

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Bugs in Vermont

June 13, 2022

What kind of insects in Vermont pose a bite risk to people?  

Vermont is home to plenty of critters, though not a lot of them are dangerous in any way. Unfortunately, though, despite the general lack of venomous and/or poisonous insects in Vermont, there are still insects that pose a nasty bite risk. Insects in Vermont known for their nasty bites include chiggers, flying bloodsuckers (ugh), ticks, mosquitos, and more. Naturally, there are ways to protect yourself, and we strongly recommend employing a method or two – nobody likes a bug bite, especially one as nasty as a chigger’s! Of course, there are also many species of insects in Vermont that sting rather than bites, like bees and wasps.  

Are there any species of venomous spiders in Vermont?  

There are two species of venomous spiders in Vermont; one is the infamous (and often quite beautiful) black widow spider, though it’s been more than a decade since Vermont has recorded instances of harmful black widow bites. These spiders are very reclusive and much prefer hiding to biting, and if you leave them alone, they will more than likely pay you the same respect. Speaking of “recluse”, that’s the other type of venomous spider in Vermont: the brown recluse. They are, however, low in numbers and bites are rare. We’re quite lucky to live in a place where there just aren’t a lot of dangerous bugs out to get us!  

How do I protect myself from biting insects in Vermont?  

Protecting oneself from biting insects is much more important than simply avoiding itching or discomfort. Some insect bites can kill, and others can maim, resulting in long-lasting – if not permanent – effects. When walking or adventuring in long grasses or heavily wooded areas, wear long sleeves and pants to avoid tick bites. Employ the use of Deet or a spray to repel mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, and other nasties that may spread disease with their bites. Of course, there’s always the choice that you just don’t go to places where biting insects are prevalent… but what’s the fun in that?  

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.