12 Reasons No One In Their Right Mind Visits Vermont In The Winter

Well it seems like we’ve already seen it all this winter, and we’re still in January. Record cold temperatures, mid season thaws, power outages and more. Isn’t that enough for one winter? With that said, we’ve come up with some totally valid reasons why no one should visit VT this winter. While the tourist boards might lead you to believe otherwise, we’d like to keep our little state as crowd free as possible. We’re doing you a favor by telling you the truth so you can stay home and get cozy.

We hope you’ll share these tongue in cheek reasons with your friends so we can keep those wide open spaces to ourselves this winter.

Now that we know the reasons why no one should visit VT, the truth is, we love visitors. And for those moving to the Green Mountain State, here are a few things you quickly learn when you move to Vermont.

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