23 Shocking Facts About Vermont That Could Make You Want To Move

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we appreciate things until they are taken away.  This notion is also true in reverse, and Vermont newbies know that better than anyone.

Those who have read about Vermont, seen some pictures, or maybe taken a vacation here may think they know what life is like in the 802, but life here must be experienced to be understood.  There are many things about living in Vermont that, once you experience them first hand, you realize you couldn’t live without.  While some of these things may be obvious to those who were born and raised here, but to others, they are surprised by the smallest of details.  And sometimes they are shocked by a few of the little things that have become so important.  Here are some aspects of Vermont that could make you want to move, and once you’re here, things you’d never want to live without!


What is something about Vermont that would make you want to move?  Be sure to let us know in the comments!