Some things in life must be seen to be believed, and these 14 spots are the most amazing places in Vermont. Whether they are man made or natural, these places are filled with so much beauty, you’re going to want to check out every last one of them. You won’t be disappointed! Let’s dive in and take a look at each one.

If you’re still not convinced (or haven’t had enough), check out these 21 Photos That Will Remind You Why Vermont Is The Best State.

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most amazing places in Vermont

Where are the best swimming holes in Vermont?

Vermont has so many hidden swimming holes tucked away all over the state. For starters, Bingham Falls is a great spot to go swimming. With natural pools, cliff jumping, and waterfalls, what else could you want in a swimming hole? Another great place is Bristol Falls in Bristol. Here, you will find a refreshing and fun place to cool off from the summer heat. You’ll find deep pools, a waterfall, and several natural pools to explore. For more amazing swimming holes in Vermont, have a look at this article here of 11 outstanding swimming holes in Vermont.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Vermont?

Don’t believe that Vermont is only a place for mountains, hiking, and swimming holes. In fact, we have some wonderfully pristine and gorgeous sandy beaches. Check out Vermont’s best beaches. For a quick overview, we recommend the Sandbar State Park in Milton, Leddy Park in Burlington, and Thayer Beach in Colchester to get started. Have fun exploring!

What’s the most beautiful hike in Vermont?

Really there are so many gorgeous hikes in Vermont that it’s virtually impossible to narrow it down to just one. But, how can it not be hiking up to Mt. Mansfield (Sunset Ridge Trail) or Camel’s Hump (Camel’s Hump Trail). These two hikes are on the longer side and they also have a fairly high vertical trek, but these hikes provide some of the most expansive and breathtaking views in Vermont. For more information on hiking Mt. Mansfield, check out this guide. And if you are interested in hiking Camel’s Hump, take a look at this post.