Explore A New Side Of Gale Meadows Pond By A Special Kayak Trail In Vermont

One of the best ways to experience nature is from the water. Therefore, how about going on a kayak trail when you’re in Vermont?

Located in South Londonderry, Gale Meadows Pond is known for being a beautiful spot to enjoy breathtaking views of the Green Mountain State from the water. So, when you go, you’ll get to explore and take in the scenery that’ll remind you why Vermont is special.

With a fairly large parking lot, the pond has also become a popular destination for nature enthusiasts who enjoy spending the day paddling and exploring. Therefore, if you prefer a quieter experience, head out early (or later on) in the day to enjoy your time kayaking on Gale Meadows Pond.

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Address: Gale Meadows Pond, Vermont, USA