The Story Behind This Evil Place In Vermont Will Make Your Blood Turn Cold

Within our state capital lies a cemetery that supposedly has a few curses and hauntings that will make your blood turn cold. At first look Green Mount Cemetery in Montpelier is a beautiful and peaceful spot filled with elaborate monuments. But if you dig a little deeper you’ll hear the story about Black Agnes and you’ll surely get the chills. Are these simply legends or is this truly an evil place in VT?

The Green Mountain Cemetery is located at 250 State Street in Montpelier. Other monuments to note here are Margaret Pitkin (Little Margaret), Fred Stevens (Ned the Dog) Frederic Dieter, William Stowell (Hand Carved Stairway to Heaven), Children’s Lot and the Soldiers Lot.

While this may or may not be an evil place in VT, it’s a monument for John E Hubbard. This is the same John E Hubbard this 125-acre park that is right in the middle of Montpelier that you’ll absolutely love.

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