This Unassuming Restaurant In Vermont Has Mastered Multiple Ethnic Cuisines

If it’s choices you’re looking for, there is no better place than the Foggy Goggle Osteria in East Burke. Here they serve a variety of ethnic foods with a emphasis on Italian cuisine. The best part is that they do everything, and we mean everything, fantastic. Looking for a great cocktails? Foggy Goggle. How about a casual atmosphere? Foggy Goggle. Vegetarian and Gluten free options? You guessed it… Foggy Goggle! Let’s take a look at some of these ethnic cuisines in VT that you’re sure to love.

The Foggy Goggle Osteria with its multiple ethnic cuisines in VT is one more place to add to your dining bucket list. For more great places, here are 17 Vermont restaurants you’ve simply got to try.