These 18 Jaw Dropping Places in Vermont Will Blow You Away

When most think of Vermont, they think of Ben & Jerry’s, maple syrup, and snow. But, Vermont is so much more. It is crystal clear mountain lakes, majestic mountains, raging rivers, and towns…towns so beautiful they make you wonder how you could ever leave such a place. In the grand scheme of things, Vermont is a small state, but it is chock full of some of the most gorgeous vistas and beautiful places you will ever set your eyes on. I have gathered a few for your enjoyment. Take it as a tease because these are certainly not all of them. I wouldn’t want to spoil all the surprises that Vermont has in store.

See, I told you that Vermont was more than what you may think of on a daily basis. It is packed to the hilt with beauty and there is probably a bit of magic mixed in for good measure. Looking at these, make me fall in love the it all over again. What about you?