When most think of Vermont, they think of Ben & Jerry’s, maple syrup, and snow. But, Vermont is so much more. To name just a few stunning places in Vermont, there are crystal clear mountain lakes, majestic mountains, raging rivers, and towns…towns so beautiful they make you wonder how you could ever leave such a place. In the grand scheme of things, Vermont is a small state, but it is chock full of some of the most gorgeous vistas and beautiful places you will ever set your eyes on. I have gathered a few for your enjoyment. Take it as a tease because these are certainly not all of them. I wouldn’t want to spoil all the surprises that Vermont has in store. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Vermont!

See, I told you that Vermont was more than what you may think of on a daily basis. It is packed to the hilt with beauty and there is probably a bit of magic mixed in for good measure. Looking at these, make me fall in love the it all over again. What about you? Which scenic places in Vermont do you think should make it on this list?

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most beautiful places in Vermont

Is Vermont a great place to live?

Absolutely. Vermont not only has breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and endless natural areas to seek out and explore, but the state also has local and amazing food, safe cities, superb schools, and friendly people. Vermont is an environmentally aware place that focuses on healthy living styles, and we have a social and environmental awareness, which all make Vermont a welcoming and prosperous place to live.

What is the most scenic town in Vermont?

To give an answer to this question is sure to upset some and please others due to how subjective this question is. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, as they say. But with that being said, here are our picks for the five most scenic towns in Vermont: 1. Manchester; 2. Woodstock; 3. Grafton; 4. Stowe; 5. Shelburne. Of course, there are many other scenic and worthy towns to visit. If you are still interested in finding more picturesque towns in Vermont, check out the 17 most picturesque towns in Vermont.

What stereotypes are there about Vermont?

Since Vermont is a small state and the largest city has less than 50,000 inhabitants, one stereotype is that there’s not much else in our state save mountains, forests, lakes, and more nature. Vermont also has the stereotype of being the vacation destination for people from big cities outside of Vermont. Often out-of-staters think of Vermont as a little getaway, a charming place that doesn’t resemble their busy city lives. Some other obvious stereotypes are that we never have a spring season in Vermont or that our winters last half the year, which is actually true.