Open Since 1790, Ye Old Tavern Has Been Serving Traditional Pot Pies In Vermont Longer Than Any Other Restaurant

If you are an anachronistic soul, longing to experience Vermont in the early years of the Republic, waiting for a time-traveling DeLorean to transport you there, then there just might be a place that can attempt to satisfy these otherworldly dreams. Enter Ye Old Tavern in Manchester Center. Built in 1790, this rustic, ancient tavern will take you way back in time, to a place with old tradition and warm, hearty food.

Although time travel is out of the question (for the time being), take solace in knowing that Ye Old Tavern will bring you a glimpse of the past. Enjoy being transported in time as you dine at this transcendent tavern.

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Address: Ye Olde Tavern, 5183 Main St, Manchester Center, VT 05255, USA