This Site Called Utah Boring. Here’s 18 Reasons They’re Wrong

Recently, published an article, naming Utah as the second most boring state in the nation (congratulations, Idaho, you’re number one). Well, we heartily disagree! Utah is certainly NOT boring.

The site used three criteria to determine if a state was “boring.” Factors included:

– A high percentage of people over 65.

-A high percentage of households with children.

-A high percentage of married people.

-Population density (lower is more boring).

So clearly, Utah has tons of kids and a lot of married people. And, Utah only has about 3 million residents, so our population density in most of the state is fairly low. In our opinion, these criteria don’t prove that Utah is boring – in fact, we think it’s the exact opposite! Here’s proof.

Here’s the link to list of most boring states: 10 Most Boring States. Do you disagree?