The Secluded Glampground In Utah That Takes You A Million Miles Away From It All

Some people just don’t like camping. Maybe they hate sleeping on the ground, or the lack of a shower (or first-world toilet) or just the dirt in general. Some of Utah’s most beautiful places are far from hotels, though. Skip camping, and you’re really missing out.

Fortunately, there’s the perfect solution: glamping. Ok, it’s a pretty stupid word, but the concept is brilliant! “Camp” in a tent…with luxurious bedding on a real bed in a place where you can access indoor plumbing. Check out this place in Moab that offers a seriously luxurious camping experience.

To see more of this pretty glampground, take a look at this video posted on YouTube by UnderCanvas:

Have you stayed at Under Canvas Moab? Tell us about your experience. For more luxury campgrounds in Utah, take a look at this article.