These 8 Unbelievable Ruins in Utah Will Transport You to the Past

Many of the native ruins in Utah are dwellings or buildings created by the ancestral Puebloan people (formerly called Anasazi). They lived and farmed in Utah roughly 2,000 years ago. The ruins and artifacts they left behind has enabled us to learn a lot about these people. For instance, we know that they grew maize, beans and squash. They lived with domesticated dogs and raised turkeys. Around A.D. 1300, the weather conditions made growing crops difficult, and the ancestral Puebloan people migrated south.  We can still see evidence of these native people in several parts of the state. Here are just a few photos of the ruins that stand today.

If you visit any of these sites, please be careful to do your part to preserve them. Don’t climb on walls or enter areas that are restricted. There’s many other sites around the state that contain Native American ruins. Do you know of others? Share your info (and photos!) with us below!