This Historic Utah Ranch Is A Hidden Gem

It’s always amazing to me how far-flung the early settlers of Utah were scattered. During a time when a trip to get supplies might take days with a horse and wagon, and the nearest law enforcement might be a week away, it’s incredible to think of settlers building cabins in places that are still in the middle of nowhere in the 21st century.

This little historic ranch is just such a place. It’s truly a hidden gem, though, so if you happen to be in the area, it’s worth checking out.

The John Jarvie Historic Ranch is operated by the Bureau of Land Management. The hours there aren’t regular, so contact the BLM office at (435) 781-4400 to see if someone is there to show you inside the structures. If no one’s there, you can still see wander around the ranch and have a picnic at the picnic tables or in the shade under the trees.

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