These Trails In Utah Were Just Named Some Of The Scariest In The World – Have You Hiked Them?

The site just released a list of “30 Terrifying Trails” from all over the world. Trails included some truly scary-looking spots in Italy, Japan, the Swiss Alps, Peru, Guatemala, Spain and many other places around the world (there were more international trails listed than domestic U.S. trails).

We were surprised to find three of Utah’s trails on this list – mostly because one of the trails is popular with Utah’s families, and also because they didn’t include Utah’s deadliest hikes. Read on to see which three Utah trails thinks are simply terrifying.

It might surprise you that many of Utah’s hiking deaths haven’t occurred on these trails. Other trails, such as the Bridal Veil Falls and the popular Donut Falls trails, aren’t touted as “terrifying,” but people fall to their deaths on slippery rocks.

What do you think? Are these trails “terrifying?” If you’ve hiked any (or all) of them, tell us about it in the comments!

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