The Samak Smoke House & Country Store In Utah Is The Start Of One Of The Best Scenic Drives In The Nation

Are you looking to drive one of the best scenic drives in Utah? A scenic drive is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the Beehive State’s beauty; it requires little effort and everyone can enjoy the trip.

Utah has plenty of scenic byways, but there’s one in the northern part of the state that’s particularly pretty. Hop on the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, stop at Samak Smoke House & Country Store for some snacks, then enjoy some of the best scenery in the country. If you find yourself asking, “I want to go on one of the best scenic drives near me. Where should I go?” – then here is your answer!

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Address: 1937 UT-150, Kamas, UT 84036, USA
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Christy A

March 13, 2022

When is the best time of year to drive along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway?

This highway is beautiful year-round, but many people feel that the best time to drive it is during the fall. This is one of the prettiest places in Utah when the leaves are changing and you’ll be amazed at the bright and vibrant autumn colors. Also, keep in mind that much of this scenic byway is closed in the wintertime; heavy snowfall makes the high elevation parts of the highway impassable.

Besides driving the scenic byway, what else is there to do along the way?

The 42-mile Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is chock full of great activities for adventurers of all kinds. You might spend some time swimming, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, boating, camping, or wildlife viewing on your journey. In the winter, many people enjoy cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in this area as well.

What are some of the best hikes in this area?

There are dozens of great hikes that begin from trailheads just off the byway. If you’re looking for an easy hike, try the Mirror Lake Loop Trail. If you’d rather try a moderate hike, many people recommend the Duck Lake Trail or the Bald Mountain Trail for starters.

Is there a fee for driving along this scenic byway?

No! Driving the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is absolutely free. However, if you plan to stop and use any of the recreation areas along the way, you’ll have to pay the park fee.


Address: 1937 UT-150, Kamas, UT 84036, USA