Time Stands Still At This Majestic, Remote Utah Canyon

The beauty of the Beehive State is often easily accessible to every Utahn. Take a stroll down Riverside Walk in Zion National Park, or make your way around the ADA-accessible trail that circles Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. These are just two of many spots that most people can enjoy, but not every place in Utah is accessible. Some of our most majestic natural wonders are so remote that very few people ever see them in person. Reflection Canyon, in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area, is one such place.

Check out this video posted on YouTube by Tina Knighton. It shows several places in the area, including Reflection Canyon:

For a good guide (and some tips), take a look at this article by Outdoor Project.com. If you hike this area, make sure to use Leave No Trace practices. Pack out everything you pack in, and leave this area pristine for those who come along after you.